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President: Chan Ee Xin
Vice-President: Lim Hui Juan
Secretary:  Teoh Yi Qian
Vice-Secretary: Mah Pei Nee
Treasurer: Tan Hui Theng
Vice-Treasurer: Felicia Cheng Jun Yee
Cleanliness in-charge : Low Ke Mei
AJK: Koek Li Qing

: Ong Coshinne

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On the 14th of January, we held our annual AGM at form6 physic lab. This activity started at 1.30pm and ended at 3.00pm. All members were required to attend.The members who are chosen were given a briefing about their tasks and responsibilities. At 3.00pm sharp, the AGM ended successfully and members were dismissed.

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Our club held its AGM(Morning Session) for 2015 on 27/1/2015, from 1.30pm to 3pm.
1. We first elected the committee members, list of committee as below:

President: Loo Hui Qi
Vice-President: Evonne Lee Pei Chen
Secretary: Cheah Ai Ling
Vice-Secretary: Yee Wen San
Treasurer: Joey Chua Siew Yen
Vice-Treasurer: Nicole Choo Yi Hui
Cleanliness in-charge : Yap Jia Hui
Board in-charge: Khor Xin Wei
Green Project in-charge: Anastasia Lee Ying
Form 3 Rep: Lee Shi Hui
Form 5 Rep: Khaw Tze Shuang

2. Planned activities in the year are also announced, these include Outing, movie day, experiments, presentations etc.

3. The club meeting dates are as below:

27/1, 10/2, 10/3, 24/3, 31/3, 7/4, 14/4, 21/4, 5/5, 12/5, 16/6, 23/6, 3/8

See you next time!

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