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Date       :  26 / 2 / 2019

Time      :  11 : 00 – 12 : 30 p.m.

Venue    :  Lab B17

Teacher :  Miss Fizura


Today is the third meeting for the afternoon session’s Science and Technology Club . We will do a  home made ice cream – without a freezer !


The materials we will use in this activity is a few bags of salt , a big container , a plastic mold , two bags of ice and flavoured drinks .


At first , we have to pour our flavoured drinks into the plastic mold and tie the mold tightly .  Secondly , fill in the container with ice mixed with salt . Thirdly , put the plastic mold into the container filled with ice mixed with salt and close your container properly . The last thing you need to do to get your home made ice cream is to shake your container with the greatest strength as you can for at least 10 minutes . Then , your home made ice cream is done ! It’s just so easy and fun !


The reason why the flavoured drink is turning into ice cream after shaking in a container filled with ice mixed with salt is because when you lower a container of liquid into a mass of ice mixed with salt , the ice and salt react , drawing heat away from the liquid freezing it relatively quickly . This way was famously used by people before the freezing machinery and the course motorised delivery vehicles have been invented .



Students are enjoying the process of doing their home made ice cream .



Pouring the flavoured drinks into the plastic mould .



Putting the plastic mold filled with flavoured drinks into the container .



Students are using the strongest strength as they can to shake their container .




Students are so happy and excited to taste the ice cream they made themselves ! The ice cream looks so tasty !


It was a successful activity since that all of our members have a great time on doing their home made ice cream and they all have learned about the reason of why is the flavoured drinks is turning into an ice cream when it was been shake in a container filled with ice mixed with salt .



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Please be informed that there will not be any meetings in May due to mid year examinations. We wish everyone all the best in your upcoming examinations.

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