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Date: 16/4/2019

Time: 1:30pm-3:00pm

Venue: Makmal Fizik Sains

Today is the DIY Candles Making Day. All the members have brought their own materials to make their own DIY candles. The materials which are needed to make the candles are oil, hardener, crayon, container,  wick and aluminium foil. Let’s take a look on how the members make their own DIY candles.












Stir the oil fist. Make sure don’t get burn by the hot oil or the fire.




















Once you are done stirring the oil, let the oil cool first. Once it is cool, pour the oil into a container.





















Next, choose a crayon with the colour you like and break it into small pieces to add it into the oil. Make sure to stir the oil until it turns colour.




















Use the aluminium foil to wrap around the inside of the container and pour the colour oil in. Add wick into the oil too and wait until the oil completely cool and turns into solid. There you will have your own DIY Candle.

Try making the candle by yourself, it is fun. But make sure to be careful when handling the hot oil. You don’t want to burn yourself, do you?

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